Fermented Radish Root

For years, synthetic preservatives have been viewed as a necessary evil in water-based beauty products. Of course, there’s a lot of research indicating possible links between these synthetic preservatives and health issues – from causing cancer to disrupting hormone functions. No thanks. Since many brands, despite claiming to be natural or organic, still use synthetic preservatives, I have found them difficult to avoid. Continue reading

It’s beet season now, folks.

Ok.  I suck at being a consistent blogger.  Why?  Well, it’s not for a lack of wanting to blog – it’s for the sheer lack of time. Continue reading

Why Organic Apples are Great for Your Health

The debate of organic foods versus non-organic foods can be simplified by just looking at an apple. It should be no surprise that organic apples are grown differently, have very different nutritional values, and have different effects on the body than an apple grown under non-organic conditions. Continue reading

Why Organic Foods are Superior

Many people are switching from non-organic to organic foods, and for good reason too. As more and more studies are being conducted, it has been shown that the pesticides used to produce non-organic foods are linked to various diseases such as cancer, obesity, liver problems, and much more. Continue reading

Why Sheep’s Milk is Better than Cow’s Milk

Though sheep milk is not as popular for consumption in America compared to cow’s milk, sheep milk is definitely more nutritious and tastier. Continue reading